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Elysium by Megan Rose has been touring China throughout the Summer 2020, with exhibitions at the Qu Art Museum in Suzhou and later at the Shaanxi Province Art Museum in Xi'an.


The exhibition has now moved into a new home in the fantastic Suzhou Center, and architectural landmark and a piece of art in itself. Check out this video of the Qu Art Museum, in the Suzhou Center, which opened its doors in 2021 with Elysium being one of the first exhibits in the space.

Elysium 2021
Elysium 2021
Elysium 2021
Elysium 2021
Elysium 2021
Elysium 2021
Elysium 2021


Megan Rose is an internationally collected British artist based in the Midlands, United Kingdom. Her work has been showcased across the UK and internationally, with her most recent solo exhibition Elysium at the Shaanxi Provence Art Museum, Xi'an in 2020 and later in Qu Art Museum, Belgium in February 2021.

The artworks illustrate expressive landscape scenes and beautiful abstract florals, with a wider context being derived from Greek mythology. Elysium, in Greek mythology was originally the paradise to which heroes were sent when granted immortality by the gods. In writings Elysium was a land of perfect happiness, unknowing of snow or rain, only the blossoming of flowers and the warmth of the sun.

Offering a glimpse of reality, the paintings emulate an amalgam of experience as opposed to representing any specific place. The beauty of landscape is at the heart of each piece, and specifically the experience of the sublime found in transitory states of nature.

Summer Solstice.jpg




Summer Solstice, Rosae and Midnight Bloom have been my escape throughout the lockdown period and encapsulate the brightness of hope and optimism for better times.

She sprouted love like flowers,

Grew a garden in her mind,

And even on the darkest days,

From her smile,

The sun still shined.

~Erin Hanson

The paintings form the start of my new collection Inflorescence (the process of flowering). More works coming soon.


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